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1. The Julian Alps

The Julian Alps are a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps that stretches from NorthEastern Italy to Slovenia, where they rise to 2,864 m at Mount Triglav. A large part of the Julian Alps is included in Triglav National Park known for grat hiking and cycling routes as well as beautiful glacial lakes and crystal clear rivers. Do not miss to visit Bled and Bohinj lakes.


2. Soca Valley in the West of Slovenia

One of the most pristine Alpine rivers, the emerald Soca has been writing its own stories for centuries. Dominated by Alpine peaks and situated not far from the famous Triglav National Park with its Alpine Botanical Garden, the valley is a blend of distinctive cultural heritage and boasts a wide spectrum of protected natural resources.
The valley of staggering waterfalls and playful cascades, pools and ravines offers unforgettable, expert-guided kayaking and rafting tours, canyoning down mysterious tributaries, and other thrilling adventures. Well-kept hiking, mountain and bicycle trails lead to amazing places and people. In winter, Slovenia’s highest-altitude ski resort at Kanin affords stunning vistas all the way to the sea!


3. Dolenjska, the region in South-East Slovenia

Dolenjska is sitated between Ljubljana and Zagreb. It is characterised by its hills, scattered vineyards, numerous vineyard cottages and churches, the Krka River, the karst landscape along the Temenica River, rich archaeological sites, quality thermal spas and the European speciality wine Cviček. Its capital city of Novo mesto bears the title of “Town of Situlae” and is the cultural, educational and economic centre of the region.


 4. Stajerska, the region in North-East Slovenia

Stajerska is Slovenian largest region, famous for its thermal resorts, spas, vineyards, country’s historical towns, castles and also plenty of mountains. Do not miss to visit Celje, Maribor, Ptuj and a small picturesque village of Jeruzalem.


5. Alpine Valley of Logarska, in the North of Slovenia

Logarska valley is situated in the Kamnik Alps. Flat-bottomed valley is surrounded by high mountains of Kamnik – Savinja Alps, which best represent the eastern part of the European Alpine territory.The Logarska valley gained the status of a Nature Park in 1987 due to its “outstanding cultural landscape and the level od nature’s conservation”. The valley itself is the most visited part of the Solčava district, which received a prestigious award, namely “European Destination of Excellence” in 2009.


6. Karst region – South-East Slovenia

The Karst or Kras in Slovene is the area between the Trieste Gulf and the Vipavska Valley and also the name for all the amazing shapes created by the waters in the fusible stone.  Besides more than eight thousand known Karst caves, there are also Karst springs and intermittent springs, disappearing lakes, swallets and swallow holes, original Karst poljes and apparently dry sinkholes.The most known caves are Postojna cave with 20 km of passages, chambers and galleries, and the Skocjan Caves, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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