• What is the concept of this website and what services do I offer?

All holiday offers in Slovenia have been programmed directly by my business tourism partners, Slovene tour operators, hotels and other tourist service providers in Slovenia who know their country in depth and can advise you in English, simply and clearly, on the best things to see and do in Slovenia.

I am acting as a link between you and the Slovene tour operators and tourism partners; this means that you will get my full support and personal advice before and during your holiday. I also give you all the necessary information that you need regarding the country including the information on the official tour providers and hotels in Slovenia.

  • Why is it better to book via slovenia-activity-holidays than directely with a tour operator or a hotel?

Your booking directely with a hotel or a tour operator will cost you the same as if you book through slovenia-acivity-holidays. At the same time I offer you my personal advice and my full support for that same price. I charge you absolutely nothing. I get paid by my business partners.

The payment of your holidays goes directly to the source, to the tour operator or hotel of your choice (via bank transfer). The price that you pay to the Slovene tour operator is your final price. This way you will be contributing directly to the local economy.

  • How do I book my chosen holiday in Slovenia?

Once you confirm your chosen holiday, I will send you all the necessary papers and contact details as well as a demand for a down payment of 30% of your final price with the original invoice issued by the Slovene tour operator or the hotel where you will be staying. All papers will be sent in English.

Your chosen holiday will be confirmed after your payment via bank transfer is received and confirmed. You will be asked to pay the remaining 70% one month before your departure date or when you arrive at the hotel (except if indicated differently).

  • What are the charges for an international bank transfer?

Bank charges depend on the bank and are at your expense. For a bank transfer within the EU, the bank can charge between 0 € and 4 €. With certain banks, the bank transfers can also be done via internet.

  • Where can I find out more information about the holidays mentioned on this website?

For any further request, please send me an email indicating your contact details and the nature of your demand, the more detail the better. I will get back to you within 48 hours. At the same time I will also send you the required brochures.

If you do not find an offer for a particular tour, accommodation or activity that you would like to do in Slovenia, please contact us with all details and together we will find an alternative offer for you.

  • Is it possible to change any of the current offers and/or packages shown on this website?

All offers can be modified and adapted to your wishes and needs. If you cannotfind an offer that suites you or you are looking to undertake a specific or different activity in Slovenia, I will search for the best possible option and offer for you. I can also have a holiday à la carte organised for you.

  • Do the prices include the flight tickets and the transfers in Slovenia?

The majority of the offers for individuals on this website do notinclude either the flights or the transfers in Slovenia (unless stated otherwise). All transfers can be organised by the holiday organiser or by an independent transport company.
Group tours detailed on this website always include the transfers in Slovenia, but in general they do not include the flight tickets.

  • Does the price include travel insurance?  

All types of insurance (cancellation, lost luggage, repatriationetc.) are optional. I suggest you contact your insurance company to get more information about additional travel insurance you may need for peace of mind.

If you are anEU citizen, I suggest you also get aEuropean Medical Insurance card that covers all emergencymedical treatments in Europe including Slovenia.

  • Who are the Slovene tour operators that I work with?

All my business tourism and travel partners in Slovenia are professional tourism establishments, officially recognised, registered and audited by the local Tourist Offices and adhere to the Slovene tourist and travel legislation of the republic of Slovenia and the EU.
Once the reservation of your holiday is complete, you will receive all the contact details of the tour operator responsible for your holiday.


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